Getting Your People on the Same Track

Many businesses owners and managers respect the Latino immigrants and want to reach out to them, while others in their companies do not. This is a widespread, ridiculous problem. Business should be about business, not politics or personal views. When I address your organization, I present competent answers to every complaint I’ve heard about immigrants. I like to do this in a give-and-take fashion, inviting comments and questions along the way, so that attendees can experience level-headed, well-informed attention to whatever matters to them. The goal is to provide a stable rationale for good thinking, and to “detoxify” wrong thinking in order to remove bitterness, divisive opinions, and unprofitable slogans that block your efforts to connect with the Latinos.

Themes and Selected Topics

You can choose a theme or topic for me to speak on at your event. You will need to tell me (1) exactly who the audience is, (2) whether your goal is mainly for inspiration or information, and (3) how the audience should expect to benefit. Here are a few examples of topics:

  • Why people come to the United States
  • Why millions of foreigners don’t come through the so-called “the front door”
  • What it means to be illegal
  • What it’s like to be the child of an undocumented immigrant
  • Why English is still the main language of the USA
  • The advantages of being fluent in another language
  • Is it realistic to expect American adults to become fluent in another language?
  • Why don’t American schools produce second-language speakers?
  • Preparing kids for the international world that is right here
  • What’s right or wrong about being mad at immigrants?
  • The cost of coming to America
  • What do I need to know about dating immigrants?
  • Behind the scenes of Max and Max Spanish videos
  • Do we really understand Latino immigrants?
  • Mistakes that immigrants make
  • How immigrants can and should win the hearts of citizens

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