Non-Latinos usually need a lot of help with reaching the Latino community. This help can be provided rather quickly. By looking at your marketing and communication materials, I can advise you on

  • how to determine the actual composition of the Latino group you want to target
  • how to avoid common mistakes in advertising to Latinos
  • how to create and stay in control of your niche-specific messages
  • when to put them in Spanish, English or both
  • who or which media should deliver the messages
  • what kind of involvement you should consider with the Latino community
  • how to work with existing Latino businesses or organizations.

Word spreads through the Latino community lightning-fast when they discover that a business is trying to take advantage of them. You must be sincere and informed.

I will show you

  • why Latino immigrants have trusted me for decades with their personal information
  • how a non-Spanish-speaker can win that same kind of trust as quickly as possible.

Because I have crossed the language and culture barriers for so many years with so many immigrants—Latinos and others—I am able to give you a firsthand, personal account of how a non-Latino such as myself wins their confidence.

Language open doors, but it is not the key. Once you understand that, the door opens for you. Non-Spanish-speaking Latino business owners are just as interested as anyone else in this information.

There are Ten Things You Must Understand If You Want to Reach the Latino Immigrant, and these understandings must be customized to your particular niche.

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